Good Afternoon, Good Evening, and Good Morning to all the TS/ Henecians all over the world who keep on supporting Kim Hyun Joong and @4DLeaderfacts.

    We, the admins, would like to thank each and everyone of you who supports @4Dleaderfacts on twitter as well us the forum and the blog. We really never expected that we would have 10, 000 and more followers.

    Because you are a lot, we may not be able to answer all your questions and retweet all your answers to games/questions. We ask for you kind consideration. We do read your tweets and we do not ignore them. In addition, some of the TS/Henecians ask us to follow back, we are very sorry but we just couldn't. Do not worry, we make 'following back' as prize to some of our contests.
We really do hope that you enjoy our picture spam, games, sharing of facts, telling updates or announcements, etc. We will continue to work even harder and give you more entertaining and more informative tweets about Kim Hyun Joong.

    If you have comments and/or suggestions, please do not hesitate to tell us. We do not bite. We are friendly and nice! =)

    Again, we would like to express our deepest gratitudes to all our loyal followers.

    Our success, your success,Kim Hyun Joong's success. Let's continue to spread the HJL love. Thank you very much!

Your dearest @4DLeaderfacts Admins,


first, i wanna say thanks to the founder of this account @Ahbeeee , *if you dont make this acc, i wont become an admin!* keke..
and then thanks for other admins that keep updating about Hyun Joong! *keep spamming!!* haha..

for sure this is to all our site followers, keep supporting in SS501~ believe in them..
thank you all! :))
last but not least, i love all of 4DLeaderFacts followers a.k.a all HENECIA(ns), i love when we chat, and play and SPAM! *haha, really love it~*..

For sure, admins, @Ahbeeee, @ETPaigeYin ,@belindadars, @_flylikeglynn , i love you all!! *hugs*

Thanks~ *Admin Yunnie @RaeSoo* :)


First of all, I would like to say a thank you to all the Triple S who has been supporting @4DLeaderfacts.
I never thought we can reach 1k followers, but now we are celebrating 10k followers. I am proud, happy, grateful and blessed to receive all the support and love from you guys.

@4DLeaderFacts is going 1 years old soon,and I am also so so happy to know that you will be there with us Admins
@Ahbeeee, @RaeSoo to celebrate our 1 year old birthday.
Then we are going to celebrate Hyun Joong's birthday together, alright?

And to all the admins managing @4DLeaderFacts, Thank you *bows*. If not for your hard works and patient on managing the account, we will never have 10k followers today. There are so many admins we hired, and most who didn't continue with us for various reasons, I am very grateful for you 2, @Ahbeeee and @RaeSoo who stick with me for so long.

I know I mess up a lot of times in @4DLeaderFacts, and I am thankful for you all who forgive me for all mistakes I made.

Seeing our growth of followers in hundreds each day, made me wonder am I just dreaming of that has Twitter mistake..hahaha...

To all followers, supporters, once again, thank you. And please keep supporting us and never give up on us. We promise to give you more games, more facts, more pictures... And of course, more spam. kekekekeke~

Admin @ETPaigeYin
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