-ET Admin- here, sharing a piece of email from my friend, please read before you join our battle for Kiss Kiss promo. Thank you!

Dear friends,
n preparation for the 2nd leg of HJ's promo with Kiss Kiss (KK), after discussion with our friends in Korea + China, we have been advised to start streaming for KK + Break Down (BD) together from this week onwards. HJ said this is the last wk for BD - and after this wk, he will rest 1 wk, then it will be KK. However, we do not know what is the specific date of his 'comeback' with KK. It could be on the 14th of July if he's doing it through Mnet, or it could be the 15th if he is starting with MuBank. Regardless, we're streaming KK now to get him points through the KBS viewers ratings survey - which some of you may have noticed were 0 for new songs. We wanna start early so that KK can start accumulating points on the 1st wk itself. Once HJ officially kicks off KK promo properly - then we will FOCUS on KK alone. 

Specifically, Korean Fans Club has already posted on its board that they will start DL + ST (ST = streaming)  of KK from 12amKST on July 1st (midnight tonight).
Whereas another group of Henecians have already started streaming KK right after Mnet's MCountDown, at 8pmKST.
There are also some other HJ fan clubs who are going to start streaming this wk, but only mass DL KK nxt week.

So while we recommend starting streaming KK NOW, it is up to you when you guys want to rally your followers/fan club members to start DLs.
If you're planning mass DLs (it'd be great if you can galvanize HJ supporters around you + collect money for this), may we also recommend that instead of THROWING in your DLs all in 1 or 2 hours, to space out the DLs in every hour. This way, the DLs will couple with the ST to push up KK in the Real-Time chart (RT).

[Note1: Some of you may have noticed in the previous wins that our Digital Sales (Daily) is actually comparable to other groups, but our RT is low. We suspect this is becoz of mass downloads in 1 or 2 hours, where BD is pushed up sky-high in 1 hour, then fall spectacularly in the next hour. Hence we recommend spacing out your mass DLs. Stream + DL every hour]

[Note2: We are doing hourly monitoring of the RT chart on our side since BD starts, esp Mnet for MCountDown - so if you need help to do the download hourly, we can do it for you too. Just send us your list of topped-up IDs.] 

Why do we focus on Mnet? Coz we have limited resources and between Mnet + Soribada, Mnet is the bigger + more important digital site + their points count more towards MCountDown + MuBank.
For e.g. in MuBank, in order of importance: Mobile > Melon > Mnet > Bugs > Dosirak > Soribada. But of course, as we ST + DL for Mnet, all of us have also renewed our own passes to DL and stream KK in Soribada.

DL is as important as ST. But once your members DL KK, please make sure you remind them to DELETE the song before they start streaming, else their streaming WILL NOT BE COUNTED. I have been told that some fan groups were not aware of this, so their streaming for the past 3 weeks were actually for nothing. T_T  T_T

As for album sales, the Limited Edition is now going to be released on July 5th, instead of June 30. This is nice-timing because its sales will then be counted for KK's promo.

I'm emailing you guyz coz I have liaised with you guys at one time or another before either via email or on Twitter so thought that it's easier if I just send this out rather than DM you separately on Twitter. We are sharing this because we think we can only do more when we are united + concerted in our efforts so pls feel free to spread this to other fellow HJ supporters. =)

Warm regards,
Choe aka @HYUNtimes
Admin of @4DLeaderFacts