Product Type : 5 Forever As 1 Official
Product Name : T-shirt/Badge Package
Price : As Listed

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The Design is FINAL!

$26 SGD for package is only available for 1st batch,as my Shirt maker mentioned to me that they will raise the price after this.So place order with us ASAP,and we have only 15 pieces of shirts left for the 1st batch.


Front logo:

Back logo:

Real Products:

T-shirt Only :
Price (estimate): $23 SGD

Size : S - 38” | M - 40” | L - 42” | XL - 44”
Material : Cotton Round Neck Tee

In Stock

And I know many of you have a bias (Or 2) among the SS501,so just for an addition,we are doing a package of the T-shirt adding with a badge [Size (Diametre) : 7.6cm] so you can wear and show your bias everywhere you go.

The design for the badges will be looking like this:

Individual Members SAMPLE 

If you love the whole group,we also have the group version looking like this:

Group Support-5 Forever As 1 Version SAMPLE

White Version

Green Version

 Real Products:

I had took some picture of the real badges that I had received. ^^


Group Support-I ♥ SS501 Version SAMPLE
Version 1 

Version 2

Version 3

Package :Price (estimate): $26 SGD

[$23 SGD -> T-shirt ; $3 SGD -> Badge + Upgrate to Spazzie Angels.]

Individual Badges :Price : $6 SGD per badge

In Stock

Pick ups: 

  • Meet ups will be announce later.
  • Postage you have to pay for the posting fees

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